Something I Am Working On! Chapter One

So in a spur of inspiration I began working on something today. This is a rough draft of the first chapter of what I am writing. Some content may be missing and somethings may not sound right, but that is because I haven’t had a chance to go over it yet and edit. I hope you enjoy.


“So, you never told me what you do.” Said Rich

“What do you mean?” I replied

I was at the only bar in Rosalin. The crowd was rough and rowdy, but I wasn’t going to waste a day traveling somewhere else just to get a drink. Luckily there weren’t many people at the bar during the day when I would go in. It was usually just myself, Rich bartender, this girl that would sit at a table in the corner by herself, and Teddy. The bartender knew me by name but didn’t know my history, he’s a nice guy, always welcomes me with a smile as if I was the only one to care about him. I never talked to the girl. Even though I’m one of the top bounty hunters in the area, I still have trouble talking to some people, she just happened to be one of the people. And then there’s Teddy. God I loved that son of a bitch. Great guy, went hunting a couple times with him. We always split the bounty 50/50 and we never argued. I would come in and sit at the bar and he would sit with me. We would talk and drink for hours. He was always like a father to me. Whenever I was in town he would force me to stay with him and wouldn’t accept any money I tried to give him, but I always left something when I would leave. It was either money, food, or jewelry for his wife.

“Well you’re in here a lot and you always have cash money. You have to have some sort of job.” He continued

“I thought you would know what I did by now.” I said chuckling

He looked at me with an angry frown on his face, disapproving that he in fact didn’t know what I did.

“Alright alright I’ll tell you. But, you have to guess.” I smiled

“Oh Christ here we go. Another one of Tyler’s famous guessing games!” said Teddy sitting across from me.

“Fine.” Said Rich

“Alright” I began

“Who am I always hanging out with when I am in town?”

“With Teddy.” He pointed at Teddy

“And what does Teddy do?”

“You’re a hunter, right Teddy?” Rich asked Teddy

“You know I am” Said Teddy

“Two for two Rich! Now, why am I always traveling and when I’m in town I’m always at the bounty office?’ I said with a smirk on my face

“You’re a hunter?” Rich asked

“He’s done it! He’s got the questions right! Tell him what he’s won Teddy!” I yelled enthusiastically

I looked at Teddy and all he was doing was shaking his head at me, but I could see that stupid little smile of his.

“Ha ha ha, very funny Tyler. But really, you’re a bounty hunter?”

“Yep.” I said proudly

“Well you can’t blame me for not knowing, you are only 18, that’s a little young for a hunter.” He frowned in a disapproving matter

“Well there isn’t much else I can do.” I said

“I could either be hunting or working in a field somewhere doing something I don’t like. If not for hunting I probably would’ve killed myself by now.”

It’s true. If not for hunting I would have killed myself by now. I hated work and I hated being told what to do. Being a hunter allowed me to make my own career and do what I want. I felt like I really had a life as a hunter.

“Also, if not for hunting. I never would have found this big guy right here.” I said as I patted Teddy on the back

“Aw how sweet.” Teddy smiled

“Ding ding ding ding ding.” Came from the bell outside.

“Ah damn, guess I’m outta here Rich.” I said as I put my money down for the drinks.

“Alright fellas I’ll see you later. Good luck hunting.”

“Come on Ted we gotta go see what new bounties were posted.” I said

“But I don’t wanna!” Teddy whined

“Such a whiner, let’s go.” I said, pulling Teddy out of his seat.

I turned around to leave as Teddy was paying for his drinks when I noticed that the girl had left, leaving money on the table. But that wasn’t the only thing she had left. There was an envelope on the ground by the chair that must have fallen out of her bag. I picked up the envelope and placed it carefully inside of my bag. I hoped I would be able to see her around again so I could return the envelope.

“Alright let’s go. Hey what’s that envelope from?” Teddy said

“Oh, that girl that was sitting here must’ve left it. Thought I would return it to her.” I said. I could feel my cheeks turning red.

“Ooooh, sounds like someone has a crush.” Said Teddy with a grin on his face

He held open the door for me and said “After you m’lady”

“How sweet.” I said pinching his cheek

We walked outside into the heat of the day. We were in the bar for so long our eyes had become custom to the darkness. I began to walk across the dirt road towards the bounty with Teddy following behind. The bounty office was this little building that had a bell outside of it. When the bell rang, that meant that there were new bounties in. The doors were made of steel and had a locking mechanism on them to prevent any of the captures from escaping. We walked inside and were greeted once again by the darkness. Inside was smaller than you would expect. There’s a counter where the manager stands and gives you the bounties. On the wall behind him are the available bounties with a picture of who you had to get. The price of the bounty depended on three major things, the severity of their crime and if they were dead or alive. Normally the bounty for them captured alive is much higher than them being dead, but sometimes the price is the same because it’s not worth it to the manager to have them alive. To the left of the counter is a hallway that leads to the captures. They are usually kept inside a jail cell where they will await their hanging.

“Hello gentleman! If yall could give me a minute to finish up with this lil lady than I’ll be happy to help you.” Said the Manager

It was the girl from the bar. She looked up when she heard the manager speak and looked towards us. There wasn’t much light in the building but I could still see her clearly. Her eyes had a dark red tint to them and her hair was short and full of blue coloring. I realized I was looking right towards her behind and quickly turned my gaze away and began to scratch at the back of my head. If my cheeks had been any redder I swear they would have been glowing. I could hear Teddy trying to muffle his laughing behind his hands.

“Thank’s Mr. Doliato, I’ll have this bounty back in no time.” She spoke

Her voice sounded so sweet and innocent, but if she was a hunter then there was no chance in hell that her personality matched her voice. She picked up her bag and slung it over her back and began walking towards us. I stood there and didn’t dare move. She was getting closer and the closer she got I began to realize how intimidated by her that I was. Finally she was a foot in front of me. Oh my god, what do I do. Holy shit I am freaking out.

“Excuse me?” She said in a harsh voice

I was frozen and I didn’t know what to do.

“I kind of have to leave out that door.” She pointed to behind me towards the door

Oh Christ I’m blocking the door she must think I’m a fucking idiot.

“I’m, uh, um, uh, sorry.” I said in a broken voice as I moved to the side

“Thanks.” She said in a sarcastic tone

She had begun to push open the door when I remembered.

“Wait, miss, I, uh, I have something for you.” I said

“Oh?” She stopped in her tracks

“Here.” I bumbled

I dug into my backpack and pulled out the envelope. I extended my hand towards her. My whole arm was trembling and I couldn’t stop myself. She turned towards me and gasped when she saw the envelope. She pulled it out of my hand and the next thing I knew I had a knife pressed against my throat.

“Where the fuck did you get this from!” She demanded

I couldn’t form words. I was frozen, not from fear, but the fact that she was practically touching me.

“Where!” She demanded again, pushing the blade harder against my throat

“Hold on miss.” Said Teddy, finally stepping in

“Look, he found that letter at the bar on the ground. He was just trying to give it back to you. Isn’t that right Tyler?”

I nodded my head.

“Fine” She said pulling the knife away

“Sorry about that, it’s just that I need this”

“No problem.” I said in a wheezy voice

She walked out the door and had said “See you boys again soon.” before the door shut. There were so many thoughts flooding through my head, who is she, what was in the envelope, why did I freeze when she touched me? I hoped to see her again, I had to know more about this girl. I looked over at Teddy to ask him if he knew anything, but he was laying on the floor laughing enough to cause the ground to shake.


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